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Welcome to the word


the Shadow Forest!

Within the confines of The Adventures of Cobasfang’s covers and spine, exist a world teaming with heart-pounding adventures and the hilarious antics of a boy trapped over his head. This is truly a new and exciting adventure and not the mondain and regurgitated story line of a boy meets girl, girl gets abducted, boy defeats the bad guy and saves the girl.

Welcome to The Shadow Forest


The Adventures of Cobasfang!

From the very first page of The Adventures of Cobasfang, you dive head first into action and adventure, and heart-pounding thrills never end.

This incredible series was born in the dark of the night as David E Walker tucked his son to bed. Every night he would ask, “present, past or future?” “Real or make believe?” and after those simple wishes were made, the stories began. This was the start of his amazing trip into the Shadow Forest and into the realm of the insect race that rides on the backs of giant rats in the caves and caverns under the great Crystal Mountain.

The exhilarating quest of Ty’s wild adventure started out like any other day until he made the one decision that would end up altering the fate of his world forever. This was the day he decided to cross over the razor bush barricade that separated his village from the world of monsters and enter into the forbidden Shadow Forest. Ty was naïve and clueless to the world of beasts as he ran foolishly into the depths of that wicked land. But he would soon find out that his quest for the powerful blue fire rubies will rip his world apart as he battels against creatures that would make demons cower with fear. That was until he had to stand face to face with a dragon armed with only a sword as it tried to protect its nest.

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Kirkus Review

Kirkus Review

“Ty’s quest is playfully meandering, featuring swamps, caves, and the hidden kingdom of Zintar. Along the way, the boy battles a parade of odd creatures, including giant cave rats, the Norgon scavengers who ride them, and a rock monster named Grog…”

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(5.0 out of 5 stars) Great book
Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021
“I’m not done with the book, but so far it is amazing. I just cant wait to read the rest because of the amazing character growth that has already happened. The plotline of the story so far is just fantastical and you can just feel where the setting is when reading it”

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(5 out of 5 stars) “First of all, I was hooked right away since the characters were on a quest for some crystal blue fire rubies! There were many great messages throughout this book… stand in your power, family is everything, be resourceful, allies/friends can be found in unexpected places, help others, nature is beauty, keep learning, don’t ever give up, be brave, have character and integrity, be honest, ask for what you need, expect the unexpected, be grateful and, we always have the power to do what’s right, no one can take that from us… I enjoyed the adventure in this book, as well as the strength and determination of the characters. I also enjoyed the uniqueness of all the characters. There was suspense, what’s coming next?!”

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Larry Kenton

“It’s a very interesting read of heroic fantasy in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E Howard & Rick Riordan”.

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(5.0 out of 5 stars) “A funny challenging journey of strength, perseverance, and decision making. Great family read!”
“We couldn’t put the book down! The Descriptive passage through Ty’s journey brings readers into a confidence boost with each challenge he faced. You are encouraged by his bravery and for these creatures with whom I hope I never meet. It’s funny and a great family read. I look forward to Dave’s future books!”