David E Walker

Inspiring Novelist and Storyteller Extraordinaire

David Walker comes from a large family back in the burbs of Chicago. During his youthful years, if he wasn’t fishing in the pond across the street, you could find him building another tree fort in the willow tree next to the driveway.

However, as he got older, his passion for excitement was hard to keep down as he enjoyed soaring through the clouds in gliders or taking his parent’s car into the jeep trails for a little muddy fun. (Just don’t tell them that. Ok?) But his love for building (and warmer weather) drove him on his first adventure to live in North Carolina, where he spent three years sharpening his construction skills and cooking bad pasta.

Then as soon as the opportunity to tour with a racing circuit came up, he grabbed the reins with both hands and took off for the road again and never looked back. Unfortunately, that life was short lived as he found himself back in Chicago and shopping for a winter coat again. Quickly realizing that he would never be truly happy in the frozen north, he moved out again to live in Maryland.

It was here that he finally settled down and met the woman he would marry. Now with his wife of 30 years, 4 kids, 6 rowdy grandkids, Poppy Dave will take every opportunity to wind up the grandkids (just a bit) and enjoy some mayhem.

Completely settled down with a 16 year career (and counting) in security with a Federal Agency and 21 years in security with an NFL Stadium, David Walker has turned back to his passion for adventure by unleashing his imagination and transforming story time into a realm of wonder.

Now he spends his leisure time going to comic cons and local fairs and sharing his dream with the world. There is nothing more satisfying to him then talking to someone that has read his book and seeing the spark of excitement still glowing in their eyes.

With raving reviews and a thirst for more, David is currently working on publishing his fourth book of The Adventures of Cobasfang and release it into the winds of time.

So, get ready for the thrill ride to continue and he’ll see you inside The Shadow Forest.

Meet My Crew
Those Who Inspire Me Everyday

I would like to take the time and introduce you to the special people in my life. If you ever wonder what makes me smile, then seeing those who fill my life with joy will answer every question you have.


  • My Family

    Here’s a snippet of the wonderful people who keep me grounded and filled my life with purpose and joy.

  • Those Who Raised Me:

    What can I say? With a family like this, it’s no wonder I turned out half-crazy and half-wacky. 😊

Fun at the Comic Cons!
Spending the day with my family of adventurers

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  • Fort Richie Craft Fair

    What a wonderful time spent talking to fellow lovers of the unknown

  • Baltimore Comic Con

    Finally all set up. What a wild and wonderful experience! I loved meeting everyone and had a blast at this event. A little known fact is, that a few years ago I worked as a Security Supervisor at this event and silently wished that I had a table there and was able to meet all the great people that showed up. I GOT MY WISH! 

  • Family Fest @43

    All the people there were great and had an awesome time. can’t wait until I can do it again.

  • Cecil Con

    Going here was an experience I will never forget. the people were fantastic and I spent the whole time laughing and living the dream.

  • Surprise visitor (Didn’t say much)

  • Wow what a show! Extra points if you can find me.
  • Run rabbit run!