The Adventures of Cobasfang Trilogy

Unarmed and full of painful desperation, Ty carelessly starts his exciting quest into the treacherous realm branded as the Shadow Forest. A Kingdom so menacing, razor-sharp bushes must border its lands. In Ty’s perilous journey, he will gamble his impetuous life against savage beasts in his quest to save his Grandmother. In a brash and reckless move, Ty will recklessly thrust himself and his newfound friends Normack, a fifty-foot Vipercon, and Torg, a half-man half-reptilian Royal Zintarian Guardian, into a deadly race against the total annihilation of his people.

In the quiet of the night, as thoughts turn to anticipation, the dreams of the future will be determined by the actions of one… Ty will realize his destiny. The prophesized legend of “Cobasfang” rises again!