Coloring Book The Adventures of Cobasfang Raid on Norgon City (vol 2)

In this exciting illustrated addition, you can follow along the riveting action and adventure of Cobasfang while he battles against the monstrous creatures the lurk within the depths of the Shadow Forest. With this coloring book by your side, you can unleash your own imagination and let the vibrant colors of adventure splash on the pages like magic.


This beautifully illustrated coloring book, The Adventures of Cobasfang Raid on Norgon City (vol 2) is a fantastic addition to the Cobasfang adventure. It will allow anyone to bathe in the fun and exciting world of The Shadow Forest. Filled with action ripped straight out of the realm of the worlds above and below. With its detailed images depicting each chapter, you will enjoy this incredible story like never before.

In this exciting 23-page illustrated rendition, you can follow along, and color in Ty’s adventure as the story continues. From the very first page, the illustrations unshackles the action from inside the novel in a whole new way.

Page by page, just as the story unfolds, the images take you on a journey through the treacherous Shadow Forest. So, sit back and enjoy a book like never before. Then unleash your own imagination and fill in the coloring book of The Adventures of Cobasfang Raid on Norgon City any way you want.






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