The Path to my Inspiration

The Cobasfang series was born in the soft shadows of the moonlight that drifted across my son's bedroom floor one late summer night as I tucked him into sleep. It was a beautiful night, and the songs of the birds chirping were still rippling through the trees outside his window. But this time, he was still restless and wishing the day wouldn't end. That's when I asked him the questions that lit the flame of his imagination for the rest of his life and started me on a journey to publish this fantastic adventure story. Present, past, or future? Real or make-believe?

When those answers came floating by, I ripped them out of the air and began telling stories that kept us both thirsty for more. Night after night, our adventures came to life with impossible tasks and breathtaking action. From that point on, we both longed for the night to slip through the window again, so we could race through the worlds we created.

Cobasfang was only one of the countless stories we fell in love with, but it was one that became so real to us that we could smell the grass as we walked through the realm of The Shadow Forest. Telling incredible stories has been my hidden passion since I was a child running through the overgrown fields around my home. So, get ready for the thrill ride to continue, and I will see you inside too, and together we'll concur The Shadow Forest together.
  • Have a story itching to get out?

    The best tip I have to the inspiring writers out there is to take a moment and enjoy the story you are about to unleash. Then keep a full cup of coffee next to you and set your alarm. Because when you’re in the land of inspiration, time will cease to matter, and you’ll end up late for work again. 

  • Wondering how to begin?

    That’s an easy one. The best way I can explain it is for you to walk away from the Tv then grab some paper or plug in a laptop. Whatever works for you. Then dive right into telling your story. Don’t worry about having some catchy phrases or jump in your face opening line. Enjoy your inspiration, and the rest will polish up at a later date.

  • What happens next?

    What happens then is the most enjoyable thing I have had the pleasure to experience. This is when your thoughts and dreams take flight. But don’t worry about trying to keep your spelling and punctuation perfect. Because no matter how hard you try, it’ll look like autocorrect had sucked up three energy drinks, and it’s working overtime. Just ignore those pesky red lines and enjoy the visions that flash before your eyes as you struggle to write down everything you see. Because when you’re finally done with that, you can sit back and enjoy the wondrous tale you told. This is when the polishing and smoothing will start flowing. Do that a second time, then when you put it down again, you’ll have laid your first novel down on the table. Congratulations!

My Tools

My Most Important Tools

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

Ken Robinson

Main Working Principles

The Most Important Steps To Follow

Write A Lot

No matter if you have just a few minutes to spare before you run out the door, just jot down your thoughts or better yet, record yourself. Inspiration is like a soft breeze in the desert. you cant catch it with a fishing net, so do whatever you have to in order to keep the vision alive.

Read A Lot or Watch A Movie

Whatever works for you. It's just as important to free your mind in whatever adventures surround you. That will keep you sharp.

Talk It Out

Sometimes when the story unfolds before your eyes, you won't be fast enough to jot it all down. That usually ends up in what's called righters block. The only way I could ever dig myself free is to talk about the story, and when it comes rushing back. It all becomes clearer.