Trapped within the pages of The Adventures of Cobasfang exists a world ravaged by creatures so savage that they ride on the backs of giant cave rats through the underworld of the great Crystal Mountain. There’s no turning back and escaping this nightmare is almost impossible. 

If you’re looking for another worn-out book about flesh eating aliens your definitely in the wrong place. Because this action-packed saga is jam-packed with swords, fangs, and a bucket load of bad decisions and drowning in desperate.

The Adventures of Cobasfang is a fantasy adventure with characters so lifelike you might start to hear the crackling of their laughter and feel the sweat roll down their brow while they bicker amongst themselves and cross swords to survive another step. It’s a story so rich you’ll disappear from the comfort of your home and experience their thrills first hand as you stumble through the pitched black caverns until you finally find yourself helplessly snared in the moss dripping trees within the dark forest hungry for its next victim.

That’s the difference between reading another author’s desperate attempt to push out another book, from someone sitting next to a gloomy, flickering fire, painting a heart-pounding adventure and unleashing the wonderous excitement caged in our hidden imagination. So don’t forget to bundle up tight. You might even experience the bitter, icy wind sweeping across your back as you tremble to turn the next page.

In the quiet of the night, as thoughts turn to anticipation, the dreams of the future will be determined by the actions of one… Ty will realize his destiny, the prophesized legend of “Cobasfang” rises again!


Kirkus Review

Kirkus Review

“Ty’s quest is playfully meandering, featuring swamps, caves, and the hidden kingdom of Zintar. Along the way, the boy battles a parade of odd creatures, including giant cave rats, the Norgon scavengers who ride them, and a rock monster named Grog…”

Kristin (5.0 out of 5 stars) Great book

Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021
“I’m not done with the book, but so far it is amazing. I just cant wait to read the rest because of the amazing character growth that has already happened. The plotline of the story so far is just fantastical and you can just feel where the setting is when reading it” 

Juliem4 (5 out of 5 stars) “First of all, I was hooked right away since the characters were on a quest for some crystal blue fire rubies! There were many great messages throughout this book… stand in your power, family is everything, be resourceful, allies/friends can be found in unexpected places, help others, nature is beauty, keep learning, don’t ever give up, be brave, have character and integrity, be honest, ask for what you need, expect the unexpected, be grateful and, we always have the power to do what’s right, no one can take that from us… I enjoyed the adventure in this book, as well as the strength and determination of the characters. I also enjoyed the uniqueness of all the characters. There was suspense, what’s coming next?!”

Larry Kenton “It’s a very interesting read of heroic fantasy in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E Howard & Rick Riordan”.

Karen (5.0 out of 5 stars) “A funny challenging journey of strength, perseverance, and decision making. Great family read!”

“We couldn’t put the book down! The Descriptive passage through Ty’s journey brings readers into a confidence boost with each challenge he faced. You are encouraged by his bravery and for these creatures with whom I hope I never meet. It’s funny and a great family read. I look forward to Dave’s future books!”

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