My dream is to have these stories told to someone else’s child as they lay down to sleep. To have someone else watch the wonder and excitement grow in their child’s eyes as they slowly fall asleep. This is such a magical and precious thing to experience that words could never explain it. But when you see the spark of amazement gleaming from their eyes, you'll know what I saw so long ago. The magic of imagination in flight.

David E Walker

About My Books

Cobasfang is an Exploding Action & Adventure Fantasy Book that will rip the chains off your imagination and let it ride on the back of a mighty Black Dragon.

David Walker’s Cobasfang series revolves around one a young boy’s journey through the treacherous forbidden land of the Shadow Forest. An evil land that will rip the soul from a warrior with one swipe of a claw. But with the help of two noble creatures and armed with a sword and shield, Ty will battle through any obstacle that dares to stand in his way.

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David E Walker

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The one thing that will always start the creative juices flowing is a quiet and leisurely spot where your imagination can run free without worrying about having to do anything at all. These times were usually spent watching some Si-fi or wild adventure fantasy movies, but allowing your imagination to run free is so much better.